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Shape your body and mind; feel integrated and happy; be healthy and noble,

We are a non-governamental organisation, enhancing the positive spirit of each other. Welcome to all kinds of religious and spiritual engagement, with maximal respect to everybody.

We do Raja Yoga, that is a global form of exercise to de-stress the body by meditation to enhance internal peace and harmony, due to observing, who we are and what makes us happy. more info...  get appointment

The programm / fotos consists of various types of activities which all the family can participate in (childrens age from 4 Years).

Direcction: Whenever you want, come along to the Canary Island of Fuerteventura, to the northern village of Parque Holandés on the roundabout of the old FV-1; now FV-104  (zipcode 35649).
From the Airport take the bus to Puerto del Rosario. From Puerto del Rosario take the numer 6 bus to Corralejo. Get off at the stop for Parque Holandes and the first stop off the roundabout. You will see us on the other side of the roundabout. Each journey between 7am to 20pm.

Costs: Overnight accommodation is available  55.- € / day private room and one meal + Gym + yoga. (min.>2nights)
The Yoga & Meditation session is 10 euro for external guests.
It is possible to complete a donation certificate to claim back tax paid.

We work together to keep clean the area and help to improve our projects and initiatives by doing some community works.
This Project is a crowdfund and every body is invited to participate in building our Temple.
Unfortunately we cannot accommodate pets at any of our sessions. read more...
Fuerteventure has a desert like climate, with warm/hot days and cooler/cold nights with a almost constant 22ºC (+-5), if you feel the cold we advise to bring a warm cap and a pullover as at times there are strong fresh winds.
Have al time present in conciousnes your respiration, honesty, devotional service (karmayoga).
Come along with half filled stomachs to participate in activities of yoga and meditation.
(recommended class donation would be ten euro)
Sustainable energy systems available, like wind and sunpower available as 5 Volt / 12 Volt / 220 Volt
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Timetable: The resting times are 20h-7h (8pm to 7am) and 13:30h-15h (1:30pm to 3pm). Within these times we request that visitors have respect of others and be totally silent.
Racha Yoga diary 8h-10h
Breakfast/Lunch at noon (12:30pm) is able for all vegetarians/vegans/frutarians and consists mostly of fruits/cereals/yogurt. Tea at 5pm.

Get in touch by e-mail: yogam @
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Programm :

Racha Yoga diary 8h-10h a.m.

Meditation diary from 8h-10h a.m.

The resting times are 20h-7h (8pm to 7am).

yoga planet

=>on planetary activities, we do not switch on light.


Calendar list  :
Jan.28.; Feb.27.; March.28.; Apr.27.; May.26.*; Jun.24.; Jul.24.; Ago.22.; Sept.20.; Oct.20.; Nov.19.*; Dic.19.

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New Moon 

Calendar list :
Jan.13.; Feb.11.; March.13.; Apr.12.; May.11.; Jun.10."; Jul.10.; Ago.08.; Sept.07.; Oct.06; Nov.04.; Dec.04."

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Special activities :

Sunturn Dayequanimity
20.Mar; 22.Sept.
20.Jun; 21.Dec.

04.Jan.; 23.Apr.; 07.May; 29.Jul.; 13.Agu.; 07.+22.Oct.; 05.+18.Nov.; 14.+22.Dec.
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Come along with half filled stomach to participate in activities of yoga and meditation with fun.

other continued activities :

- meditation
- yoga
- ambiental/natural conciousness
- swimming/diving/walking -group
- gardening
- workshops in teamwork 

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